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once i get the feeling i can't shut down
01 May 2015 @ 08:49 pm

So I'm sure most of you who still read my fic know, but I'm making an "official" announcement/post. My fic can now be found at elastic_4. You can find my fics under this tag.

Fics will be locked eventually, so you should definitely join/watch the comm if you're interested. I'm unsure what I'll be doing with this journal(probably random spazzing), but I might be moving some of my fic to the comm and locking them here.

There will be a joint masterlist at the comm but I will be keeping my masterlist here updated to keep my fics more organized.

So yeah. Thanks to all of you who have friended this journal and commented and read on my entries. Your support has been overwhelming this past year and it has really meant a lot to me :)

To finish, have some of my awesomely adorkable ot3

boys are boys
once i get the feeling i can't shut down
27 October 2014 @ 02:08 pm

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once i get the feeling i can't shut down
13 October 2012 @ 12:36 am
requiem for innocence
growing up doesn't mean putting out your own fires. it means watching them burn until the smoke dies out

Dependency is the kinder word for addiction. It's the socially acceptable version for the weakness inside of people, the thing they crave without restraint, without reason.
once i get the feeling i can't shut down
birthday fic for liz because she's awesome

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once i get the feeling i can't shut down
13 June 2011 @ 03:33 pm

I used to think of wings and images of soft breakable feathers fluttered around my mind, fragile but strong enough to take a life all the way around the world and back. Last week I got on a plane not having stepped foot on one in over ten years. There is something frighteningly exhilarating about putting your trust in something so heavy yet so light that could drop at any moment from thousands of miles up in the sky to the thick hard breaking ground down bellow. There were moments where I felt as though I couldn't feel my own body, like someone else was siting in my seat while I watched and was always safe from up above. The plane dipped, there was a bit of turbulence and I took a connecting flight at nine o'clock at night by myself. All I saw were thousands of glittering lights and pitch black darkness by turns. I loved it.

From now on when I think of wings, I'll still think of something fragile with strength withheld
within in it now made out of metal that whips around and through frothy clouds.

I don't know why, but I think there is nothing like seeing the tip of a plane's wing from your very own window seat.

also, can anyone sense a fic coming on from that title? Because I sure can.